Our offer

In ImpressPro Creative Agency we build the image of our clients based on five pillars of the company and each one of them is speccially suited to today's advertising market and developed by proffesionals. Our main goal is IMPRESS you with quality and outstanding service.

Web & UI Design

Here you will find everything related to Internet advertising. Besides basic activities, such as web development and online stores (e-commerce), we are able to offer you much more. We are developing Content Management Systems (CMS), Management Systems, Customer Relationship (CRM), prepare online advertising campaigns (Google AdWords, Advertising Graphics, Remarketing, Semantic Advertising) and effectively take care of positioning the websites (SEO and SEM).

Brand & Graphic Design

Good opinion about company is often based on its image. For this reason it's good to keep it professional, appropriate for the industry and most importantly - interesting. This will also be taken care of for you by ImpressPro. Opening a new business? We will help to create a proper identification: logos (including brand book), design of advertising materials, visual productions (animation, video, spots) so basically we can provide a full corporate identification. We would like to note, in addition to the graphic design that we are able to examine the current image of the company in terms of marketing, sales also reviews about the company on the Internet etc. or an analysis of the development prospects for those who intend to enter the market.

Marketing & Strategy & Communication

Lucrative companies have well matched strategies, marketing and impeccable communication inside and outside the company. The market changes constantly therefore inappropriately chosen strategy can often result in large losses. In ImpressPro Creative Agency, our specialists are able to create an appropriate marketing campaign, a sales campaign, or assist in re-creating the image of the products and services of your company. Our offer also includes market research and the creation of a number of reports on statistics, forecasts and marketing analysis, to help identifying prospects for the development of your company. Based on our knowledge and research, we can predict potential changes in the market and determine the ideal, long-term strategy of your company, which will bring considerable profits.

Production Events & Promotion

Many years of experience have shown us the importance of promotional events. They are a strong factor in creating positive image of the company and building the loyalty of the customer. We are able to arrange a properly planned events consistent with the brand and company policy. In addition to creating from scratch and planning, we also support existing events such as conferences, concerts, festivals etc. For you we cen create appropriate marketing materials, we will service the Press Office, media patronage and obtain sponsors.

Special stuff & Promotional materials

The fifth segment of ImpressPro is about production of advertising materials, however our offer goes far beyond the basics. We will take care of photograph sessions (events and product), audio and video projects (jingles, background music, video diaries, etc.), correct language and translation (English, Russian, Spanish, Lithuanian, Ukrainian and others) and most importantly: the productions of all advertising materials, including flyers, posters, business cards, advertising brochures, catalogs (sewn, glued, Spiral), folders bids, letterhead, notebooks, stickers, banners, mesh, roll-ups, stands, exhibitions and many many more!
How we work?
We proceed to the analysis of all your requirements to do our job as good as it could be done.
Through the brainstorm our team comes up with a range of solutions and we try to choose the best of them.
We start working on your assignment to create something really good and interesting.
Final Touches
Together with the client we discuss the final solutnions and the details .

Now your project or company "get impressed." :)
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